A young, confident and responsible doctor practising in Mumbai, Sneha belongs to a modest family from Pratappur. A pillar of emotional support – to her family and community –   Sneha stands strong, always.


A teacher by profession, Sneha’s father encourages his three daughters to be independent. He instills confidence in them that they can accomplish anything.


Alka Mathur is the thread which binds the Mathur family. A caring, patient and affectionate home maker, who takes pride in her house and family, she is a loving mother to all her children and an ideal partner to her husband. A constant support to her three daughters, she encourages them to be educated, responsible and independent individuals but is dismayed by her son Poorab’s recklessness and irresponsibility.


Sneha’s younger sister is a sports enthusiast, determined to reach her goals. She follows her sister and despite an acid attack gets back to the game . Ever the fighter, she is the one woman army of her household.


A child widow, Sneha’s aunt is initially apprehensive about her intentions. Slowly however she moves to becoming a supporter of her work and joins in changing the mindset of the community. She fears none; age is no bar for her.


A successful doctor at Maanavta hospital in Pratapur, Dr. Sumit is an honest and hard working doctor who openly takes a stand against wrong practices in society. He is committed to his profession and left behind life in a big city to serve the poor and needy in the small town of Pratapur. He is also a classmate of Sneha from the medical college and has a soft corner for her.


A successful lawyer, Arjun lives in Mumbai and loves Sneha deeply. He separates from her over ideological differences and misunderstandings. With time he accepts Sneha’s ideals and follows her path.


An errant adolescent who consumes drugs under peer pressure, Raghu commits crimes such as stealing from his own home and attacking Preeta with acid. During his time in prison, he reforms and decides to transform adolescents like himself.


Dr. Jain is the chairman at Maanavta hospital at Pratapur. This is a hospital that has been set up by a few enlightened wealthy individuals of the place committed to giving back to the community. Maanavta hospital boasts of state of the art facilities but has been set up especially to serve the poor. The values and principles of selfless service define the hospital and Dr. Jain’s attitude who is dedicated to it.


Munna is the ward boy at Maanavta hospital, an entertaining, hard working fellow who is a huge resource for the hospital. Ever ready with his wit and humor, he always has solutions to problems and fits in wherever there is a need.