Our 10 NGO partners across Bihar and Madhya Pradesh are working across five districts per state, creating Sneha clubs consisting of various stakeholders like ASHAs, ANMs, NGO representatives, peer educators and school teachers. They, in turn, manage and guide smaller viewers clubs, which meet frequently to watch the serial on television, followed by discussions around the issues which the episode highlights. A total of 429 such viewers’ groups have been formed by our partners. Master trainers, from the partnering NGOs, have been trained in using the communication materials (games, comic books and illustrations) that help facilitate discussions around the issues. They in turn, are training the group leaders of the viewers’ clubs in using these materials for discussions. Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon today is more than just a trans-media development communications initiative. It is a call for women to stand up for their rights to complete their education, marry at the right age, space and use contraception to plan their families, and for men to be responsible towards the health of their families and accept that women too, can achieve anything they want.