Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon (MKBKSH) / I, A Woman Can Achieve Anything! is a trans-media, drama series designed to enhance knowledge on health and positively influencing social determinants of health; within a women’s empowerment framework. MKBKSH is ready to launch Season 3 of the show on television, radio and digital media. 

In its first two seasons, the series purposefully employed a 360 degree approach and used the power of storytelling on television, radio, and digital platforms to promote gender equality and address complex social issues such as child marriage, family planning, sex selection, and violence against women.

Produced and launched by Population Foundation of India in 2014, MKBKSH has completed two successful seasons (131 TV and radio episodes) of broadcast on Doordarshan and All India Radio (216 stations). The serial received approximately 1.7 million calls from viewers on its Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) platform. MKBKSH has also become popular on digital media platforms; its Facebook page has 100,000+ followers and is active on Twitter.

While challenging existing social and cultural norms around women’s role and value in society, the serial also sought to increase knowledge and change perceptions and attitudes of people on social determinants of health such as use of contraceptives, women’s rights, adolescent health and sanitation.

 To carry forward the momentum and engender sustainable change, Season 3 of MKBKSH will provide families and communities with knowledge and local solutions to demand healthy lifestyles. The story will focus on sustained and safe sanitation practices, including building and use of toilets in rural areas. The story will continue its focus on family planning within a rights-framework, especially use of contraceptives and male engagement in family planning. The new season calls upon citizens to become agents of change for improved quality of life and to mobilise men to take responsibility, along with women, to improve hygiene and sanitation practices, both in private and public spaces. 

The 360- degree approach of season 3 recognizes the critical role of social media as a prominent channel to reach the intended audience (aged 15-24 years) and aims to enhance it further and deepen parasocial interaction and audience engagement by using an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot embedded on the Facebook page of MKBKSH.

Watch this short video From Evolution to Evaluation’, which showcases the impact and potential of MKBKSH. Season 3 will launch on DD National in January 2019.