Season 3 builds upon the lessons and successes of Seasons 1 & 2 in using entertainment-education for a transmedia initiative. The broad objective is to improve knowledge and initiate change in regressive social norms by promoting local solutions. Season 3 will address women’s rights, promote sexual and reproductive health, especially among the youth, and address socio-cultural barriers to safe sanitation and hygiene practices.

Season 3, Episode 34

Vikram is fighting for his life after he consumes a fake medicine. Dr. Sneha is also trapped in this racket. Will she be able to come out of it? What will she do now?

Season 3, Episode 33

Vikram, the ministers' son launches the Humrahi project in association with Dr. Sneha and Maanavta clinic. He is on his mission to teach the youths of Pratappur an important life lesson. Will he succeed?

Season 3, Episode 32

Inspector Madhok supports Raghu who is guilty of his actions and helps him turn into a good human being. Pratappur football team beats Sultanpur and emerges as the winner.

Season 3, Episode 31

It’s Dr. Sneha’s birthday and the villagers celebrate it with great enthusiasm. Raghu is guilty of hurting Preeta and apologizes for his actions. Will his family ever forgive him?

Season 3, Episode 30

Dr Sneha sees mix-gender football games as the answer to the awkwardness boys and girls face with each other in their youth. But will the play along?

Season 3, Episode 28

The story unfolds a tale of male ego making him an acid attacker. Will Dr Sneha be able to save his victim?

Season 3, Episode 29

The journey of an acid attack victim who fights all odds and the story makes audience ponder over the prime aspects of a true companion. What makes a true life partner?

Season 3, Episode 27

Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon

Season 3, Episode 26

Munna and Buaji convey Gandhiji's message about need for cleanliness. The story showcases Equal status to Dalits in the society. See how mutual respect for profession makes a society progressive!